Nic Blower is a filmmaker and executive producer from the UK who has worked for the BBC for over twenty years, producing and directing documentaries and drama documentaries. His critically acclaimed film Transplant followed both sides of the organ donation story, a first for UK television. His work has taken him all over the world and he has filmed in Lebanon, Nepal and the US.  His subjects have included neurosurgery in the film The Brain Hospital, social housing in the series Neighbourhood Watched, missing people in the The Day They Disappeared, forensic science in the film No Ordinary Murder, all broadcast on the BBC. Nic’s approach to his documentary work focuses on deep access, combining Direct Cinema and Cinéma Vérité. Nic has made a number of short fiction films including Periphery that won best film awards at Buxton film festival and Lakeshore festival in Canada.

Nic is currently in production on a film about women theatre makers who work in former conflict zones and has been filming in Palestine and Serbia. He has three further projects in development including a fiction film with playwright Rich Chilver, working title The Ebb. Nic is a lecturer in fiction and documentary filmmaking at the University of Essex, UK.