Producer / Director Conflict Theatre (working title - 60’ documentary currently in production). This observational film follows two young women theatre makers from Belgrade and Ramallah as they strive to develop new methodologies and reach new audiences in the face of dwindling budgets and increasing censorship. This film is based on an AHRC funded piece of research entitled Tales of Spring and Winter: Gender, Histories and Intergenerational Exchange in Global Theatre lead by Dr Elizabeth Kuti & Annecy Lax.


Producer / Director / Camera LIFTED (60’ documentary). Johno, Jay, Danny and their families reveal in candid exchanges how Post Traumatic Stress Disorder changes everything, from love to day-to-day existence, for some, years after the trauma. Filmed over eight months it follows the men as they take part in a radical and unusual programme of green exercise to improve their lives.


Executive Producer But They Can’t Break Stones (50’ film for festival release). A documentary following women’s rights activistivism in rural Nepal, directed by Elena Dirstaru.


Director, Screenwriter, Editor Periphery, (17’ fiction film for festival release) A film exploring the harrowing life of a young man on the periphery of society.




Producer / Director Transplant (60’ film, Lion TV for BBC1) A documentary film about organ donation and transplantation. Following a year of negotiations the NHS allowed access to the confidential process, and for the first time on British television this documentary broke conventional anonymity rules revealing the journey from the donor to the multiple recipients. The transmission of the documentary generated extensive debates across Britain in the press.


The Times: ‘Nic Blower’s film took us inside the operating theatre and into the minds of those who gave and those who received. It was extremely powerful’.


Executive Producer Neighbourhood Watched (6 x 45’ films, RAW TV for BBC1) An observational documentary series exploring the world of social housing, with access to three leading housing associations and their tenants. Filmed over six months in the North West.


Series Producer Battlefront (5 x 30’ films, RAW TV for Channel 4). A multi platform project following 20 young campaigners as they strive to change the world they live in, campaigning on the web and on the streets of Britain, with large-scale publicity stunts.                                                                      

WINNER DIGITAL EMMY                                                                    


Series Producer The Planners (8 x 30’ films, IWC for BBC1). An observational series following the highs and lows of the British planning process. With unique access to the planners who are shaping our environment.                                                                                     


Producer / Director The Brain Hospital (60’ film, BBC1). A documentary following patients and surgeons from the UK’s foremost neurological hospital. The film reveals the complex and challenging surgical procedures and the ethical decisions involved.

The Times: ‘It is difficult to see how anyone…could fail to be flabbergasted by this series… Amazing doesn’t begin to describe it.’


Producer / Director The Day They Disappeared (60’ film, BBC1). A documentary film about individuals who decide to abandon their lives and disappear, exploring the issues faced by those left behind and the extraordinary psychological pressures on those who decide to return.

            Guardian: ‘…every bit as gripping as the sci-fi title promised.’

            The Observer: ‘A very powerful piece of television.’


Producer / Director Lost For Words (60’ film, BBC1).

A film following young people with severe stammers talking openly about their daily battle to combat public humiliation.


Producer / Director No Ordinary Murder (40’ film, BBC1).

A drama documentary about the brutal and ritualistic murder of a Liverpool pensioner and the extraordinary forensic evidence that convicted her killer.        


Producer / Director Airport (6 x 30' films, BBC1).

Observational films about the staff and passengers at Europe’s busiest airport.                                                                                


Producer  Airport: Police Special (30’ film, BBC1).

Exclusive access to Heathrow Police’s ‘Human  Smuggling Unit’ and their largest ever investigation.                                                                                


Director Living Dangerously (2 x 30' films, BBC1).

Drama documentaries involving large scale stunts filmed around the world. Subjects include oil well fire fighters and racing drivers.


Director Mysteries (30’ film, BBC2).

Dramatised documentary exploring unexplained phenomena. Shot in Beirut and Canada.    

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